Art is a catalyst for imagination. Injecting artistic practices into learning in general, and specifically into fields such as the sciences, and engineering can improve innovative outcomes and broaden their impact. Data-driven performance, sensory transformation, architectural mapping, and metaphor are all tools being used to better understand the Universe and our place within it.

Are we alone?

Space Science, Science Fiction, and the Question of Human Exceptionalism


    Beach Physics

    Beach Physics makes physics relevant to students because it centers around–you guessed it!–the beach. This creative, supplement program is ideal for middle and high school students who want to improve their proficiency in physics through fun and humorous real-world examples. Each episode forms a unit complete with learner’s modules, teacher’s guide and parents’ guide.


      Art of Science Learning

      The Art of Science Learning uses the arts to spark creativity and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in three Incubators for Innovation, funded by the National Science Foundation, hosted by the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership.