Keating Lab

The UCSD cosmology research group currently does research on the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and the near-infrared background (NIRB).

BICEP1: A CMB polarimeter that observed from 2006-2008

The goal of better understanding the origins of the Universe requires probing this epoch of Inflation directly. The most promising probe of Inflation is the unique signature that the Gravitational Wave Background (GWB) imprints on the polarization of the CMB.


    POLARBEAR: The first measurement of non-zero B-mode angular power spectrum

    POLARBEAR measures the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) on angular scales ranging from the experiment’s 3.5’ beam size to several degrees. . The experiment was designed to characterize. the polarization of the CMB and measure the as-yet undetected B-mode polarization component across a wide range of angular scales. The B-mode polarization on large angular scales carries a unique signature of inflation. Detecting this signal would provide the proverbial ‘smoking-gun’ of the inflationary model.


    Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment (CIBER)

    CIBER is a research rocket designed to characterize near-infrared (IR) background radiation. Data collected from CIBER has an advantage over surface telescopes since it will operate above the Earth's atmosphere.