Imagination Lab


The Imagination Lab at the Clarke Center studies the neuroscience of visual consciousness by bringing the latest techniques in computational neuroscience and eye-gaze tracking together with emerging visualization technologies. Led by Dr. Erik Viirre and Dr. Leanne Chukoskie, the Imagination Lab fosters an interdisciplinary collaboration between neuroscientists, physicians, technologists, and artists to explore how we produce mental imagery and the illusion of visual consciousness—that is, we study the imagination itself. We conduct this research using a range of tools, from EEG, eye-gaze tracking, and other biometric sensors to neural net-based drawing tools and virtual and augmented reality displays, including the SunCAVE, the world’s highest resolution walk-in virtual reality environment. 

This research is supported, in part, through the generosity of Erik Redemann. For more information on this pioneering research and how to support it, please contact us at