The Imaginarium at The Arthur C. Clarke Center For Human Imagination is an interdisciplinary research laboratory exploring the nature of distributed creativity in the natural setting of brain storming, design and creative expression.

Research in our lab represents the joint effort of faculty collaboration between principal investigators in the departments of Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Science and Visual Arts. Little is solidly known regarding the neural and biometric underpinnings of human cognition that catalyze creative expression in individuals and collaborative brain storming groups. Quantifying the neurological, social and physical interactions that bring transformative creative expression to a "critical mass" has traditionally been elusive to the arts and sciences. Successfully deriving these experiences for researchers could help drive innovation and lead to critical break-throughs in the praxis of art and engineering, with the aim of tackling the pressing issues affecting our lives and environment in the world today.

We take a hybrid approach to this problem, creating both physical and virtual workspaces that can quantify and closely control the conditions of collaborative interaction between participants. In the spirit of a theory of distributed creativity in individuals, we take a distributed computational approach to capturing and processing data in a largely symmetrical and scalable manner. We employ traditional social encoding techniques along side a battery of new automated machine perception algorithms used to quantify and predict critical moments between participants in a dynamic emergent way.

In the spirit of Arthur C. Clarke and a pursuit of imagination we aim to press the limits of the possible, finding new ways to understand and enrich the human experience.