Cool Star Lab

The Cool Star Lab - The Burgasser Research Group at UCSD

Our research focuses on the properties of the lowest mass stars and coldest brown dwarfs. We use observational techniques to infer the physical properties of these objects, search for and characterize multiple systems, and measure population statistics. Our primary tools are spectroscopy, imaging, radio interferometry, and synoptic monitoring. And lots of karaoke!

The Cool Star Lab consists of undergraduate students, graduate students,  and research/educational staff at UC San Diego, and occasional visitors from around the world.  Our research students have gone on to top graduate schools, earned prized graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, and have embarked on careers in academia and industry.


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Project Planetaria

Project Planetaria was founded in 2011 by UCSD faculty Adam Burgasser (Physics), Tara Knight (Theatre & Dance) and Michael Trigilio (Visual Arts), with the goal of investigating astronomical phenomena outside traditional modes.  They seek to engage multiple senses, embody experience, explore social analogs, break down time and space barriers, and incorporate participatory behaviors.  Their work is funded by the UCSD Center for Humanities and an Open Classroom grant from the UC Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA).