61: PBS Spacetime Presents: “Theory of Everything” Livestream Max Tegmark, James Beacham, Stephon Alexander


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What are the Leading Theories of Everything? In this 90 minute summit with some of the world’s leading physicists, we’ll go beyond the hype into the heart and soul of physics. The search for a theory that finishes what Einstein began and ties together all the forces of the universe. Can that ever be achieved ? Will it be achieved? When? Is physics stuck in 1920?

Join @matt_of_earth and @DrBrianKeating on @PBSSpaceTime with some of the world’s leading physicists for two 90 minute webinars on

#TheoriesOfEverything https://www.pbsspacetime.com/events

🎥 the promo video https://youtu.be/iozCwyjxhyY

And stay tuned for Part 2 with Lisa Randal, Sabine Hossenfelder, Lee Smolin and Eric Weinstein!

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