66: Patrick Bet-David UNCENSORED!! Got Fired? Make these "Your Next Five Moves"!

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Patrick Bet-David runs one of the most successful YouTube channels in history, Valuetainment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIHdDJ0tjn_3j-FS7s_X1kQ Let his clarity of purpose and ability to build a great team inspire your next 5 moves! On this episode of INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE, Patrick and I talk about his newest book “Your Next 5 Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy.” We discuss his approach to business, life, and learning. His enthusiasm and drive to not only succeed but help others reach their potential are great motivators.

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  • 04:26 Choosing the title “Your Next 5 Moves.” 08:46 Patrick talks personality types.
  • 13:25 The value of Valuentainment fans. 16:46 What is the difference between a visionary and someone who’s all talk?
  • 22:09 The math of life insurance.
  • 26:35 What would Bet-David University teach?
  • 31:52 Patrick knows how to find and retain great employees.

Patrick Bet-David immigrated to the US from Iran as a child. He served in the U.S. Army and then began to work in the financial industry. He founded the successful insurance sales company PHP Agency. His Valuetainment YouTube channel has nearly 2.5 million subscribers. He recently started the podcast “The Bet-David Show.”

What are your next 5 moves?

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