Episode 9: Artificial Imagination

We kick off Season 2 of Into the Impossible by diving into the world of artificial imagination. As the artificial intelligence dream comes closer to AI reality, are the doomsday stories about AI correct—or will AI augment human imagination in unexpected and powerful ways? We speak with Kenric McDowell, the Director of Google's Artists and Machine Intelligence group, about generative AIs, Deep Dream, neural nets, AlphaGo and Deep Blue, artists working with machine learning, and what the technological enhancement of human imagination may, ultimately, look like.

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Deep Dream generated image, based on Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night.


Try to identify all the AI-related clips in the montage at 0:30, and email us at info@imagination.ucsd.edu. We'll pick pick one winner to get a Clarke Center prize!



All interstitial music was composed and, in many cases, performed by AI (presented in order of appearance):

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