Episode 3: The Hard Problem

Today is an unusual and very special episode of Into the Impossible. In winter of 2015, the Clarke Center produced a collaborative project with the performance artist Marina Abramović and the science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson. The multi-day workshop cultivated a series of interactions between a story that Stan was writing about a multi-generational spaceship heading to another star, and the performance art gestures of Marina’s that are a journey into our inner self. We improvised readings and performance actions to find the ways in which these seemingly diametric experiences touched on the common idea of how we extend our sense of time and space from the moment to the eternal. Out of this, we created an installation with multiple audio tracks, which was then further developed for the Venice Biennale. We also made a short film, which you can find a link to on the podcast webpage, and the audio tracks were mixed and choreographed by Adam Tinkle into the podcast we are featuring today: The Hard Problem: An Audio Voyage, by Kim Stanley Robinson, Adam Tinkle, Marina Abramović and the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination.

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3015: Film from the workshop with Kim Stanley Robinson, Marina Abramović, and the Clarke Center:


The Hard Problem

An Audio Performance by Kim Stanley Robinson, Adam Tinkle, Marina Abramović and the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination

With special thanks to the participants of the workshop: Chanda Carey, Artemisa Clark, Collective Magpie, Jon Forshee, Ana Freeman, Katherine Harroff, Ingrid Hoffmeister, Jess Humphrey, Angela Jennings, Samara Kaplan, Amy Kaps, Tara Knight, Portia Krichman, Kristianne Kurner, Alexandra Leon, Rebecca Limerick, Elle Mehmand, Jeffrey Pinkston, Amy Reid, Paul Ricketts, Yolande Snaith, Adam Tinkle, and Keith Toleman

The installation and workshop are produced by the UC San Diego Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination: Sheldon Brown, Director; David Kirsh, Associate Director; Laura Martin, Program Manager

Video Production: Nathan Wade, Lyndsay Bloom, Lucas Coffin, Stefani Byrd

Sound Design: Adam Tinkle and Wes Hawkins

University Art Gallery: Merete Kjaer, Jordan Crandall, Adam Rule, Arturo Hernandez, David Shere

Special thanks to Lucille and Ron Neeley, Sheena Ghanbari, Giuliano Argenziano and Lindsey Peisinger


Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora

The Marina Abramović Institute


Chris Zabriskie, "Cylinder Nine"

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