51: Stephon Alexander: The Jazz of Physics!


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Physicist, jazz musician, & President of the National Society of Black Physicists, Stephon Alexander is this week’s guest on the INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE podcast. He discussed the foundations of the cosmos, his advice for balancing academic and creative pursuits, and his book “The Jazz of Physics.”

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  • 00:14:20 Balancing the creative pursuits of research, jazz, and writing.
  • 00:28:46 Which came first - theoretical or experimental physics?
  • 00:40:30 Creativity and intuition have a role in science.
  • 00:46:48 How legacy and John Coltrane inspired Alexander to write his book.
  • 00:57:18 The power (and limits) of analogies to explain science.
  • 01:07:34 Journal articles and musical films - what’s next from Stephon Alexander.
  • 01:17:08 Questions INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE asks all authors.

Stephon Alexander is a physics professor at Brown University, which is where he earned his Ph.D. He is President of the National Society of Black Physicists and a National Geographic Explorer. He served as a scientific consultant on the 2018 movie A Wrinkle in Time.

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Watch Alexander on NOVA’s documentary series The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/article/stephon-alexander/ Find Stephon Alexander on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephstem

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Recorded May 20, 2020 A production of http://imagination.ucsd.edu/