70: Auschwitz Survivor Rose Schindler: Never Give Up Hope!

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Rose Schindler survived Auschwitz and has shared her remarkable story with thousands of people over the course of 50 years. Her memories of the Holocaust have remained clear over the decades, but so has her mantra to never give up hope. Rose joins me on this special episode of the INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE podcast to talk about the book “Two Who Survived: Keeping Hope Alive While Surviving the Holocaust.” This memoir includes both her and her husband’s story. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive show notes for this episode: https://briankeating.com/mailing_list.php

  • 06:34 The world changed in 1938.
  • 12:16 Being a tomboy saved Rose’s life.
  • 17:00 “If you give up hope, you’re lost.”
  • 23:03 Lessons from the Holocaust need to be remembered.
  • 27:06 A school project prompted Rose and Max to share their story.
  • 34:16 Building a life in America.
  • 42:35 Rose is still working on projects at age 90.

Rose Schindler was born in Czechoslovakia in 1929 and survived Auschwitz. She met her husband Max shortly after the war and they were married in 1950. They moved to San Diego in 1956. Rose first told her story of survival to her son’s junior high class and hasn’t stopped speaking publicly about the horrors of the Holocaust since. She has received multiple awards as well as an honorary high school diploma and MBA. Learn more about “Two Who Survived” and buy your copy here: https://twowhosurvived.com Watch Rose on the Jocko Podcast https://youtu.be/Th1t1UvnYP4

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