91: Astronomy's Great Debate – The Nature of the Universe and the Future of Astronomy!

Great Debate

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Host of Into The Impossible Professor Brian Keating, David Spergel, Janna Levin, Sara Seager, Wendy Freedman, & Nobel Prize winner Adam Riess debate the hottest topics in modern astronomy while celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope's 30th birthday🎉!

An all-star (get it??) party featuring observations of Hubble's 'greatest hits', courtesy of Wyoming Stargazing Association! Plus we debated the greatest mysteries in the Universe including:

  • What is the nature of Dark Matter?
  • How did the Universe begin?
  • How will it end?
  • Is there life beyond earth?
  • What is the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
  • What is causing the Hubble Tension and how will it be resolved?

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