81: Brett Cyrgalis Author of “Golf's Holy War”. Does science steal the soul of sports?


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It finally happened, I took up golf. It's hard to resist when I work next to one of the nation's most spectacular municipal courses, Torrey Pines. As a practicing scientist, Golf's Holy War by Brett Cyrgalis, appealed to me. It discusses how technology, science, and data analysis are changing the game, maybe not all for the better. In this episode, I talk to Brett about how he pivoted from journalist to book author, and how the game of golf is being transformed. Brett is a veteran sportswriter covering hockey and golf at the New York Post. He has covered almost all major sporting events, from postseason baseball to the Stanley Cup final to the U.S. Opens in golf and tennis. He is an accomplished golfer, a member of the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association, and he lives on Long Island.

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