Speculative Futures Studies

Shelley Streeby, Professor of Literature and Ethnic Studies at UC San Diego and Faculty Director of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop, was recently awarded a prestigious University of California Multicampus Research and Programs Initiatives grant to develop the Cross-UC Speculative Futures Research Group -- one of only 16 projects supported by the Office of the President in 2019. The group will catalyze practitioners of Speculative Futures Studies, which brings together literature, art, and theory to create more sustainable worlds and futures, including collaborators at UC Riverside, Irvine, and Santa Cruz.
"Building on the premise that in order to create a better world, we first have to imagine it, we envision building a cross-UC research group involving faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and community members who will use speculative cultural forms and theories to conduct collaborative research on the future of education, ecology, gender, sexuality, race, and addressing inequalities in California and the world," Streeby said.
The researchers will focus on four broad areas: (1) Ecology and Climate Change, (2) The Future of Schooling and Education, (3) Transnational Divisions and Connections, and (4) Race, Labor, and Artificial Intelligence, in part foregrounding the histories, ideas, scientific practices and futures envisioned by people of color, women and Indigenous people. Click here to read more.