Speculative Futures of Ecologies and Climate Change Symposium

November 22, 2019


Speculative Futures of Ecologies and Climate Change Symposium

November 22, 2019

UCSD Cross Cultural Center Communidad Room

Breakfast and lunch with be provided

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SpecFutures-earthPractitioners of the emergent field of Speculative Futures Studies use speculative forms—including, but not limited to, art, literature, and theory—to confront the legacies of imperialism, colonialism, and racism in order to imagine, envision, and enact more sustainable and just futures.

As late capitalism, settler colonialism, and military imperialism have wrought irreversible damage on our planet and its nonhuman ecologies, this one day kick-off symposium of the UC Speculative Futures Collective will bring together a variety of critical thinkers and actors of environmental justice to reimagine possibilities of resistance, worldmaking, and kinship in the impending moment of climate catastrophe. This symposium on the Futures of Climate Change and Ecologies takes creative imagination as its central framework, as the participants draw from a range of interdisciplinary fields to put race, gender, sexuality, and disability at the center of imagining new environmental justices.


10-11:30am, Critical Speculations: Centering Literature, Film, and the Arts
Melanie West (UCSD), Stefani Cox (UCR), Toni Hays (UCI), Liz Fairchild (U of Oregon)

12-1:30pm, Speculative Futures: Racial Ecologies
Dr. Kim Hester Williams (Sonoma State University), Dr. Julie Sze (UC Davis), Dr. Brad Werner (UCSD), Dr. Curtis Marez (UCSD)

1:45-2:45, Research Grant Awardees Works-in-Progress Roundtable
Oscar Gutierrez (UCSD), Burgundy Fletcher (UCSD), Nicole Furtado (UCR), Gregory Pōmaikaʻi Gushiken (UCSD)

3-4:15pm, Decolonizing Pacific Ecologies Part I: Entangled Bodies, Pacific Ecologies
Dr. Aimee Bahng (Pomona College), Dr. Keolu Fox (UCSD), Rebecca Hogue (UC Davis), Eunice Lee (UCSD)

4:30-5:45pm, Decolonizing Pacific Ecologies Part II: Indigenous Critiques of Multispecies Conservation
Dr. Erin Suzuki (UCSD), Heidi Hong (USC), Riley Taitingfong (UCSD), Olivia Quintanilla (UCSD)

About the UC Speculative Futures Collective:

Initiated by a grant from the University of California’s Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives, the UC Speculative Futures Collective is an emergent group of scholars and practitioners of Speculative Futures Studies. Hosted initially across four UC campuses, with professors Shelley Streeby (UC San Diego), Nalo Hopkinson (UC Riverside), Christoper T. Fan (UC Irvine), and Neda Atanasoski (UC Santa Cruz) as lead investigators and organizers, the Speculative Futures Collective seeks to cultivate a cross-UC research group involving faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and community members who will use speculative cultural forms and theories to conduct collaborative research on the future of education, ecology, gender, sexuality, race, and addressing inequalities in California and the world.