"Our Star Will Die Alone" at the Without Walls Festival

Oct 4-5 at 10:30pm, south patio of Galbraith Hall

Tickets are $15 at http://www.lajollaplayhouse.org/wowfestival/

Free preview Thursday 10/3 @ 10:30pm

What does it mean to live the life of a star? Our Star Will Die Alone will explore this question with a participatory, site-specific performance that follows the lifecycle of our star. Integrating data-driven elements rooted in our scientific understanding of stellar astrophysics, audience members will be given custom electronics to explore fusion, the power source of our star. Through sound, light, projection, and a death metal band, this performance will articulate the productive and destructive aspects of stellar evolution.

More information at http://bit.ly/1fYaUON