Octavia Butler at the Huntington Library

June 23, 2017

Celebrated science fiction writer and Clarion Workshop graduate Octavia Butler is the subject of an exhibition at the Huntington Library and Gardens, drawn from her archives held there—the first major exhibition on Butler's life and work. "She was a pioneer, a master storyteller who brought her voice—the voice of a woman of color—to science fiction," said Natalie Russell, assistant curator of literary manuscripts at The Huntington and curator of the exhibition. "Tired of stories featuring white, male heroes, she developed an alternative narrative from a very personal point of view."
Octavia E. Butler, notes on writing, "I shall be a bestselling writer..." 1988. Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Estate of Octavia E. Butler.
Shelley Streeby, Faculty Director of the Clarion Workshop and UC San Diego Professor of Literature and Ethnic Studies, will be a part of the associated conference on June 23, 2017, in which leading experts in the field will explore the expansive ways Butler's writing, research, and life foster deeper understanding of the past, present, and possible futures. Streeby will present a paper titled "Climate Refugees in the Greenhouse World: Archiving Global Warming/Imagining the Future of Climate Change with Octavia E. Butler." Streeby, with Ayana Jamieson, organized last year's conference at UC San Diego on Butler, called Shaping Change: Remembering Octavia E. Butler through Archives, Art, and Worldmaking, which was sponsored by the Clarke Center.