Into the Metaverse

October 7, 2021

October 7, 2021
Zoom Webinar
Free and open to the public
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Join leaders of UC San Diego affiliated companies whose work is shaping the Metaverse!

The Metaverse is a shared digital twin or mirror of the real world, first described by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson and now the stated goal of major companies like Facebook, Epic Games, Unity, and Roblox, among others.
To realize this goal, the Metaverse must be interactive, immersive, collaborative, and interoperable, accessible via 2D screens, immersive headmounted displays, and everything in between—the next generation internet, playing host to myriad economies, communities, and modes of engagement, impacting the future of work, healthcare, entertainment, and more.
At this Innovation @ the Edge event, organized by the UC San Diego Office of Innovation and Commercialization in partnership with the Clarke Center, we talk to the leaders of four UC San Diego affiliated companies whose work is shaping the Metaverse about where the field is going and future career opportunities in the field may look like.
Speakers include:
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And stay tuned for more programs this year in our "Imagining the Metaverse" series!