Imagining the Future of Climate Change

January 1, 2018

Cover - Imagining the Future of Climate ChangeImagining the Future of Climate Change: World-Making through Science Fiction and Activism is the new book by Shelley Streeby, professor at UC San Diego, Clarke Center affiliate, and director of the Clarion Workshop. Released in January 2018, it looks at how activists, artists, and science fiction writers have imagined the consequences of climate change and its impacts on our future. 

In the book, she discusses how authors such as Octavia Butler and Leslie Marmon Silko, movie directors such as Bong Joon-Ho, and creators of digital media such as the makers of the Maori web series Anamata Future News have all envisioned future worlds during and after environmental collapse, as well as the real-world social movements, helmed by Indigenous people and people of color, that are leading the way against the greatest threat to our environment: the fossil fuel industry. 

To get a preview, read a recent blog post Dr. Streeby wrote for the UC Press website.