Filmatic Festival by ArtPower!

April 30-May 3

Taking place April 30 – May 3 on the UC San Diego campus at the Qualcomm Institute, ArtPower!'s Filmatic Festival takes adventurous media lovers on a journey of exploration through digital films, sonic and 3D events, gaming exhibitions, interactive performances, and
workshops. Curated by respected film industry experts and thought leaders, the Filmatic Festival transforms passive film-going attendance into fun, immersive, and inspiring interactive experiences.

FREE FILMATIC FRIDAY is free for all students with a Student ID!

The Clarke Center will premiere ASSEMBLY at the Filmatic Festival. ASSEMBLY creates a platform in which our computing systems can develop, learn, and evolve to provide emergent behavior out of the interactions between data and users. Also, Sheldon Brown will moderate Thursday's panel Mirror Mirror: Reflections on Virtual Reality and Cinema.

To purchase tickets and to read more about the event, visit the Filmatic Festival website here.