Clarke Center Undergraduate Imagination Research Grants Awardees

 The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination is pleased to announce six projects have been selected for support for the 2015 Clarke Center Undergraduate Imagination Research Grants. These projects examine imagination in novel and impactful ways.

Updates on the projects will be shared over the coming months.

2015 Awardees:

Erina Alejo | Visual Arts

Ethnofictive Sensorium: Trauma and the Real­Imagined of a Haitian Political Refugee

Thomas Chang & the Design Club | Cognitive Science

Enabling Imagination: Housing a Maker Culture

Ashley Clark | Visual Arts

Sound of See

Jake Espinueva | ICAM Music

The Ever-Changing Mood Experience

Jonathan Hughes | Philosophy

It's Hip to be Square

Mitch McGlockin | Creative Work

Expanded Mind Sculpture

Radu Puchiu | Psychology

A Clinical Look at Imagination Through Special Populations



 The Clarke Center Undergraduate Imagination grants are supported by a gift from the Dankberg Family Foundation.