Clarke Center Awarded Two Grants

The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination is pleased to announce that we were a part of two grants that were awarded in November 2014.

The La Jolla Community Foundation (LJCF), an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation, awarded $35,000 in inaugural grants Nov. 20 during a celebration at Madison Gallery on Prospect Street. Clarke Center researcher Adam Burgasser and Dianna Cowern (aka Physics Girl)  received $8,300 for their Beach Physics project. The funding will support physics projects at the beach and a BE WISE overnight for middle school girls at Birch Aquarium. The project will be managed through the Clarke Center.

More information on the LJCF awards can be found here.



 Dianna Cowern receiving the “big check” with Susan McClellan of the LJCF (left) and Lucille Schindler of the UCSD Development Office (right).

The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts for an Open Classroom grant awarded Clarke Center researchers $5,000 for the project "Are We Alone?" The project is an initiative of the Sixth College of Culture Art and Technology and it will demonstrate how humanities provide frameworks that are able to weave together the different threads of knowledge from such diverse (and in some cases, quite new) fields as astrobiology, bio-engineering, psychology, sociology and the arts, into a meaningful and coherent discourse. "Are We Alone" is a new course, taught by several UC San Diego faculty members, that will explore Space Science, Science Fiction, and the Question of Human Exceptionalism. Faculty involved in the grant include Professors Shelley Streeby (Literature and Ethnic Studies), Adam Burgasser (Astrophysics), Benjamin Bratton (Visual Arts), and Sheldon Brown (Visual Arts).