Accelerating Human Imagination Workshop at the University of Liverpool in London

November 24-25, 2016

Accelerating Human Imagination
A workshop with the Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination (UCSD) and the University of Liverpool in London
November 24–25, 2016
Organized by Sheldon Brown, Maureen Watry, Paul Watry, and Simeon Yates

Our imagination is the underpinning our cultural development. Yet, what is “imagination”? Is there a singular basis of imagination that develops into a number of different phenomena, or do we use the word imagination to group together a number of aspects of behavior and cognition into a common category? If we can better understand imagination, we might be able to find ways of directly engaging it in order to accelerate its operation. What use might we put this accelerated imagination to? The objective of this workshop is to look closely at imagination as a subject and conceptual methodology to connect arts, humanities, and sciences.

Over two days, there will be sessions on:

  • Conceptual frameworks, featuring Luca Tateo (University of Aalborg), Alexis Makin (University of Liverpool), Peter Wolfendale (University of Johannesburg), and Sarah Kember (Goldsmiths)
  • Art and the imagination, featuring Diann Bauer (arts), Samim Winiger (artist), and Memo Atkin (artist)
  • Imagination and speculative cultures, featuring Tuba Kocaturk (University of Liverpool), Richard Koeck (University of Liverpool), Chris Pak (University of Lancaster), Will Slocombe (University of Liverpool), Mahendra Mahey (British Library Labs), Michael Takeo Magruder (artist), and Simeon Yates (Capital of Culture Institute)
  • Art, heritage, performance and the imagination, featuring Sarah Ellis (Royal Shakespeare Company), Toby Coffey (National Theatre, London), Frederic Fol Leymarie (Goldsmiths), and Zoe Alker (University of Liverpool)
  • The international scene and next steps, featuring Freya Murray (Google Cultural Institute), Adam Farquhar (British Library, Head of Digital Scholarship), Danil Mikhailov (Wellcome Trust, Head of Digital Strategy), Chris Michaels (British Museum, Head of Digital Media and Publishing), and Louise Buckley (London Science Museum)

The keynote address will be made by Sheldon Brown, Director of the Clarke Center.